Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Good Will in Black & Fidelity Hall

I apologise, I haven't even had a cup of tea yet, so this may ramble more than usual.

To tell the truth, we haven't really looked at translations too much since I last updated this. But that's half the reason I do it - to try and follow these tangents which three months down the line seem to make no sense. The good news is that we have actually made tangible progress. We can jump up there and perform a good amount of extremely unpolished work. But it's there, and we're moving along.

We started by following (I know, I'm repeating myself) the idea of how disconnected we all are from the media which we live through, and use to cope with our own situations. The way I see it, half of what we say in this way doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It's a reference to a reference; an in-joke. We played about with how much we can make from references like this, but then stumbled on the notion of what the other two (Leo & Jon) like to call the Frankenscene. Funnily enough, if you take half of a conversation from one film and merge it with half from another, the result is about as cohesive as day to day conversation usually is. Maybe not always on paper, but when spoken, it generally works.

We're attempting to tell a story, but not the story which is on stage. What's on stage is the cover-up. We're weaving the story underneath what you see on the surface. It'll be lurking behind the rest of the action in media, shadow and lights. As everything is, right?

We'll be working away, as usual, and hopefully we'll have 30-45 minutes of crashbangwallop within the next two or three weeks. The plan is to then sit back, relax, and rip it to shreds. If 10% of it survives I'll be a happy man.

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