Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Daniel is Evolving! (Press B To Cancel)

After another day in the studio, the show is coming on. And it's really exciting. I'd like to say that today was when we put together a lot of the separate elements which we'd been working on - but in truth, they fell together. The result, though, was organic and interesting.  

Finally, the animations, the performance and the technology all came together properly for the first time, and the relationships between the characters and the media bubbled to the surface for us to see. A bit of a link which will run as a through line. Just for times sake, we're all working on our separate fields quite often at the moment. Last weekend, Jon spent a day with local choreographer Lowri Jones to work on his sculpted performance style, whilst I stayed in a darkened room working on the animations. It's a bit strange to know that the show is progressing when you're not there, but when it comes together again the pay off seems to be worth it.

Daniel took quite a big step forward today, and as usual, it came from an immensely simple suggestion. It's odd that we've got this far without clarifying certain things in our minds - especially who the characters are. It sounds fairly basic theatre 101, but every now and then you do have to come back to the old cliche of 'What's My Motivation?'. I shudder a bit to actually write that, but it's true. The only downside being that the descriptions of the show on the website and press releases needs to be re-written again. It's describing a show that barely exists any more in that form. Which is great - it's evolving and getting better every day.

We're also working on integrating the work in to the Process at Play festival too. We just got back from a meeting with the publicity officer, and are working on some copy for the local press and newspapers etc. Trying to push the premiere as far as possible. It's been set for the 12th September. As always, I'm a bit excited. But that may be because someone sat near me in this bar smells of sun cream. It's a nice smell.

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